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Glow! Princess Pretty Cure
Gurō! Purinsesu Purikyua
General Information
Created byCureHibiki
Created onFebruary 7, 2015
Opening SongMystic Glow! Princess Pretty Cure
Ending SongFairy Tale♥Princess
Series Info
PredecessorGo! Princess Pretty Cure
Glow! Princess Pretty Cure (グロー!プリンセスプリキュア Gurō! Purinsesu Purikyua?) is a Japanese magical girl anime series produced and created by CureHibiki. It will begin airing on February 7, 2016, succeeding Go! Princess Pretty Cure in its initial timeslot. The series' main motifs are princesses and dreams.




Pretty Cure

  • Takamitsu Akari (高光あかり Takamitsu Akari?)/ Cure Aurora (キュアオーロラ Kyua Ōrora?) - Akari is the main protagonist at the age of fourteen who is in her second year at Noble Academy. She is a girl who is full of happiness and has a sweet aura about her. She is quite shy and is thoughtful of others. She dreams of becoming an idol so she can spread her positiveness throughout the world but is afraid it won't come true due to her fear of performing in front of others. After meeting Jasmin, Akari becomes Cure Aurora, the Princess of Light whose theme colour is peach pink.
  • Tsukimi Sachiko (月見さちこ Tsukimi Sachiko?)/ Cure Grace (キュアグレース Kyua Gurēsu?) - Despite being reserved and intelligence, Sachiko is very optimistic who loves to explore new opportunities that present themselves to her. She isn't afraid to face change and has an imaginative and creative mind. She dreams of becoming an artist or an anime designer and thinks that dreams are what makes the future better for herself and others. After meeting Jasmin, Sachiko becomes Cure Grace, the Princess of Moonlight whose theme colour is silver. 
  • Kazehaya Ryoko (風早りょうこ Kazehaya Ryōko?)/ Cure Breeze (キュアブリーズ Kyua Burīzu?) - Ryoko is a girl who does not like being told what to do and is very strong-willed. She feels that doing the right things is the most important and loves to learn things - making her a very quick learner as seen when she became a Pretty Cure. Her dream is to bring peace to the world and make everyone throughout the world love each other equally. After meeting Jasmin, Ryoko becomes Cure Breeze, the Princess of Wind whose theme colour is green. 

Hope Kingdom

  • Jasmin (ジャスミン Jasumin?) - Jasmin is a fun loving cat-like fairy. She came from the Hope Kingdom all by herself to search for the new Princess Pretty Cure. She is stubborn and arrogant and her theme colour is yellow. 
  • Miss Shamour (ミスシャムール Misu Shamūru?) - Miss Shamour is a fairy who resides in the Lesson Pad that is connected from the Hope Kingdom. She gives the students of Noble Academy princess lessons. She normally appears as a Siamese Cat but she can also transform into human.

Dys Dark

  • Dyspair (ディスペア Disupea?) - She is the evil sorcerer of Dys Dark. She aims to spread despair throughout the world.

Minor Characters


  • Princess Perfume (プリンセスパフューム Purinsesu Pafu~yūmu?) - The Cure's transformation device. It is shaped as a perfume bottle that allows the girls to transform once they inserted their respective Dress Up Key while saying "Pretty Cure, Princess Engage!".
  • Dress Up Key (ドレスアップキー Doresu Appu Kī?) - The season's main collectible items, which the Cures can also use to transform and attack. Once all Dress Up Keys are collected, the Gate of Dreams will be able to be opened so the Pretty Cure can protect people's dreams. Power of dreams dwells within the keys.
  • Crystal Princess Rod (クリスタルプリンセスロッド Kurisutaru Purinsesu Roddo?): The Cures' main weapon. The rods allow the Cures to use different Dress Up Keys so they can perform stronger or distraction attacks.


  • Noble Academy (ノーブル学園 Nōburu Gakuen?): The boarding school that the Cures attend. To attend the school, you must have a dream. Students live in dormitories and the school's greeting is "Gokigen'yō".
  • Hope Kingdom (ホープキングダム Hōpu Kingudamu?): Prince Kanata and Jasmin's homeland. It is a beautiful country that is shaped by flowers, the sea and stars.




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